The world’s first all-in-one hearing health assessment system

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Introducing the award winning Tympa System


A complete hearing health care check

Ear wax removal

Making ear wax removal with micro-suction more accessible

Machine learning

Machine learning and remote review, helping detect problems earlier

Cyber Essentials Certified

UX Design Awards – Product Gold Award 2020

Winner of the RSM Innovation in Otology Award

Winner of the Rowena Ryan ENT Prize

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Half a billion people

Half a billion people in the world currently suffer from hearing loss.

1 in 6 people

1 in 6

In the UK adult population alone, 1 in 6 people are affected by hearing loss.


UK hearing loss

In 2030 hearing loss in UK will overtake diabetes and cataracts in the top 10 disease burdens.


10 years

It takes an average time of 10 years from when a patient first suspects hearing loss to when a hearing aid is fitted.

The TympaHealth Story


Hear what people have to say about TympaHealth


It is the only tool that can combine otoscope micro-suction and hearing test in one device and the potential insights to be gained from tympanic membrane images are huge. This has the potential to change the way both ENT specialists and GPs work improving communication and bridging the division between primary and secondary care. 

Dr. Luke Pratsidis
General Practitioner

The TympaHealth system, with its integrated otoscope and micro-suction wax removal innovation, will enable a simpler, more effective pathway for patients and professionals, leading to less dropout at that crucial first stage. This system has the potential for integration, highly confident diagnosis and earliest support for millions of people who would benefit from hearing health care in England and worldwide.

Prof. Adrian Davis
Global Burden of Disease Scientific Lead for Hearing at the World Health Organisation and for England

This has the potential to revolutionise the pathway for people with ear and hearing problems.

Mr. Joseph Manjaly
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon