The Tympa System Capabilities for GP Practices

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General Practice will be pivotal in transforming how patients access ear & hearing healthcare services.

General Practice will be key in delivering ear and hearing healthcare services within communities, making care more accessible for all, and helping to reduce the outpatient burden on secondary settings, in line with the “NHS Long Term Plan.”

The current care pathway for patients is often disjointed and difficult to navigate. GPs sometimes do not possess the resources and equipment needed to deal with an ear or hearing health problem. Patients are frequently referred to an ENT who may not be able to assess them due to the presence of ear wax, meaning they must be referred on to an Audiologist. Patients often need to attend several appointments over the course of many weeks in order to receive the treatment they need. Sometimes, patients resign themselves to simply living with their condition.

Out of 90 million outpatient procedures performed in the NHS during 2017, ear wax removal was in the top 10 (Hospital Episode Statistic Data 2017).

In 2018, 435,500 microsuction wax removal procedures took place, costing on average £140 per patient (NHS Digital 2018/HES data).

The Tympa system facilitates rapid examination, treatment, and if necessary, triage of patients with ear and hearing health concerns. Using high-definition digital otoscopy for examinations, patients can clearly visualise and understand their diagnosis through high-quality imagery and videos. All patient records and data are kept in a fully secure digital system, which can be quickly and easily shared, via a professional PDF, with ENT surgeons or audiologists, should the patient need onward specialist treatment.

Patients receive the correct care faster, leading to better patient outcomes, higher clinical governance standards, and more effective allocation of practice resources.

 The ability to digitally capture images and video that you can then use for further care and management going forward is, I think game changing. 

Dr. Hyunkee Kim of East Trees Health Centre

The Tympa Backstory

NHS ENT Clinician, Dr Krishan Ramdoo, witnessed first-hand how difficult it is for patients to access ear and hearing health services. His desire to ‘find a better way’ led him to develop the Tympa system.

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