How to Exit Kiosk Mode (Android)

By J. Rogel-Salazar

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Kiosk mode presents a simplified Home Screen making the layout of the Tympa System in Android sharp. Sometimes you may require to exit Kiosk mode to access settings on the phone that otherwise would be out of reach. The Kiosk mode Home Page looks similar to this:

Tap in the “Managed Home Screen” (the orange icon in the middle in the screen above). You will be presented with available networks in a page similar to the one shown below:

Tap on the Information icon that looks like like a letter “i” in a circle. That will show a screen with information about the device and at the bottom there is an entry that says “Exit Kiosk”. You will require a PIN to continue, please contact support at TympaHealth. 

Once you enter the PIN provided by support you will see a screen that looks like a normal Android phone:


To return to the simplified Kiosk mode, in the Home Screen and Swipe the screen with your finger from top to bottom to see some apps that are installed in the phone. It will look similar to this:

Please tap on the icon for the “Managed Home Screen” and you will be taken back to the Kiosk mode.