Case Study: An Insect in the Ear

Case Study

By Laura Hawthorne

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The Tympa system enables multiple healthcare professionals to deliver fast and easy access to ear and hearing healthcare services within a community setting.

Recently, a patient sought assistance from Forest Pharmacy because an insect had flown into his ear. The patient was naturally distressed however, a trained member of staff was available to examine him and place him at ease.

Initially, Daisy from Forest Pharmacy, couldn’t see an insect in the ear because the patient had a significant build-up of wax. This was quickly removed to obtain a better view of inside the ear. Once a clear view was established Daisy could see the insect inside the patient’s ear canal.

The Tympa system facilitates safe microsuction and Daisy was quickly able to remove the insect which was a great relief to the patient. As she cleared the ear canal of wax the patient also noted an immediate improvement in his hearing.

The patient was extremely grateful that his issue was resolved so quickly. As he was able to access ear and hearing health services from his local pharmacy he was able to avoid a trip to A&E.

Our CEO, ENT surgeon Dr Krishan Ramdoo, had this to say about the case:
“This is the type of case that traditionally would have required a trip to the emergency department. Daisy confidently and safely removed the insect from the ear canal and observed that the ear drum looked healthy post removal. This also helped to reassure the patient and is an example of how services such as ear and hearing care in the community can help reduce the burden on secondary care services.”

If you would like to find out how you could offer ear and hearing health services to your local community, please fill out the form below and a member of our sales team will be in touch with further info and a live demonstration of the Tympa system.

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