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Video Otoscopy for Medical Training – TympaHealth Research

Researchers from St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust and their team have carried out a randomised trial to assess the effectiveness of smartphone otoscopy in the training if undergraduate medical students. Solutions such as the Tympa system enable access to video otoscopes enhancing medical undergraduates recognition of common ear issues. […]

By J. Rogel-Salazar

28th September, 2020

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TympaHealth – UX Design Awards Product Gold Winner

Tympa Health Technologies has been chosen as the UX Design Awards – Gold for the Product category. The virtual ceremony took place on on September 3rd, 2020, the winners and special mentions were announced. The UX Design Awards are a global competition for user and customer experience organised by the International […]

By J. Rogel-Salazar

4th September, 2020

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UCLH launches first telemedicine clinic for ear and hearing problems

UCLH has launched a new ‘tele-otology’ service – the first of its kind in the UK that allows ENT surgeons to assess patients’ hearing and ear problems remotely and shorten treatment pathways. The service, which is currently running as a pilot, uses a new piece of technology produced by TympaHealth. […]

By J. Rogel-Salazar

19th August, 2020


UX Design Award

Excited to announce that TympaHealth has been nominated for the UX Design Awards 2020. We are very proud as this is a global competition focussed on the positive impact of people-centric solutions, concepts and research.  Find out more about the Tympa System:

By J. Rogel-Salazar

26th June, 2020


TympaHealth on The Health-Tech Podcast

Can you actually be a doctor and run successful, scaling medical device startup at the same time? Krishan Ramdoo, founder and CEO of TympaHealth Technologies has been interviewed by James Somauroo in The Health-Tech Podcast talking about his journey, creating TympaHealth and empowering healthcare providers, helping the world to hear.

By J. Rogel-Salazar

15th May, 2020


TympaHealth gets awarded RSM Innovation Prize in Otology

We at Tympa Health Technologies Ltd are very pleased to announce that we are the recipients of the Royal Society of Medicine Mr N Shah ENT Innovation Award 2020. Awarded by the man himself! Thanks to Annakan Navaratnam for picking the award on our behalf.

By TympaHealth

4th March, 2020