TympaHealth – UX Design Awards Product Gold Winner

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By J. Rogel-Salazar

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Tympa Health Technologies has been chosen as the UX Design Awards – Gold for the Product category. The virtual ceremony took place on on September 3rd, 2020, the winners and special mentions were announced.

The UX Design Awards are a global competition for user and customer experience organised by the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ). Among submissions from 34 countries, the jury selected 102 projects to participate in the international competition for outstanding user and customer experience.

The Jury Statement read as follows:

Half a billion people worldwide suffer hearing loss. Despite it being the biggest modifiable risk factor for prevention of dementia, more complex conditions often get priority. Hearing can be improved by simple wax removal, allowing diagnosis and treatment of other causes of hearing loss. Access to care is disjointed with patients being passed between different specialists. The Tympa system brings the clinic to the community, providing everyone with access to comprehensive, affordable ear care.

The TympaHealth team would like to use this opportunity to thank Team Consulting for a great collaboration.

More information about the UX Design Awards can be found here. You can contact us for more information.


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