TympaHealth are a team of Doctors and technology experts united by a vision of helping the world to hear

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How the Tympa System works

Portable, cost-effective and accessible

Provides an accurate screening hearing test and ear wax removal via micro-suction

Share hearing health information with ENT specialists across the world

Pushing the boundaries of diagnostics

Improved patient pathway generated via the implementation of the Tympa System

Training and Research

TympaHealth Training Academy

Developed by a group of ENT Surgeons delivering world class training supported with a unique online learning environment

The Tympa System can be used by all trained allied health professionals (not just Audiologists/ENT Surgeons).

We offer a 2 day training course delivered by ENT Surgeons and Audiologists supported by pre and post course online training modules ensuring candidates are supported throughout their learning journey.

  • 2 days (ENT UK & BSHAA accredited)
  • Delivered by ENT consultants
  • Practical skills and hands-on observation
  • Annual revalidation & online learning
  • Designed for any allied health professional

Visit the Training Academy page.

TympaHealth Institute for Research

TympaHealth will be leading research into global trends on hearing health

TympaHealth has a team of world leading researchers from the fields of ENT, Audiology, Physics and Machine learning with the sole aim of helping the world to hear by undertaking clinically validated and peer reviewed research.

We are always excited to collaborate with people who share our aims so if you have an idea or would like to work with us please get in touch.

Benefits of TympaHealth

Reduce dropout

Reduce dropout due to ear wax or need for GP appointment

Upwards growth

Scalable ear wax removal service generating new income

One more

Just one additional hearing aid per annum to cover the cost of the kit

Decrease burden

Reduce burden on the hospital outpatient system

Digital phone

Digitalising the hearing health record


Hear what people have to say about TympaHealth


It is the only tool that can combine otoscope micro-suction and hearing test in one device and the potential insights to be gained from tympanic membrane images are huge. This has the potential to change the way both ENT specialists and GPs work improving communication and bridging the division between primary and secondary care.

Dr. Luke Pratsidis
General Practitioner

The TympaHealth system, with its integrated otoscope and micro-suction wax removal innovation, will enable a simpler, more effective pathway for patients and professionals, leading to less dropout at that crucial first stage. This system has the potential for integration, highly confident diagnosis and earliest support for millions of people who would benefit from hearing health care in England and worldwide.

Prof. Adrian Davis
Global Burden of Disease Scientific Lead for Hearing at the World Health Organisation and for England

This has the potential to revolutionise the pathway for people with ear and hearing problems.

Mr. Joseph Manjaly
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon